About Us


Gihan Dhanushka
Founder and CEO


Raveesha Dinali
Operations Manager


Candace Lillie


Deepal Wathsala
Tour designer


Lahiru Pium
Tour designer


Roshel Lakmani
Tour Designer

About Us

Travellers Isle is a big happy accident. Gihan first discovered the tourism industry when he joined a small travel agency in 2014, hoping to improve his English as he worked toward a degree in Bio Science. Within months he was convinced to change course and focus on the tourism industry.

In 2016, Gihan was in the final year of business college. His last assignment was to present a business plan for a new company. That is how it all started. Upon receiving the diploma from the University, inspired by the assignment and with the enthusiasm of youth, he started the company with his sister Raveesha that had first been presented as a business plan.

Travellers Isle believes organizing a holiday is an art that goes beyond arranging accommodation, transport and excursions. For us every guest is a unique individual. We never hesitate to go that extra mile to make sure our guests are having the time of their life in Sri Lanka.

"For loving families that value a trouble-free holiday, Travellers Isle brings them off the beaten path with expertly crafted Sri Lanka tours."