Is Sri Lanka good for honeymoon?

Is Sri Lanka good for honeymoon

Your honeymoon is your first romantic getaway as a wedded duo. It goes without saying that such a memorable, relaxing and intimate retreat should be planned with much thought and care! Asking questions like “Is Sri Lanka good for a honeymoon?” is important before committing to a vacation which is […]

Must see tourist places in Anuradhapura

Tourist places in Anuradhapura

If exploring Sri Lankan culture is a priority of your Sri Lanka holiday, make sure to visit Anuradhapura ancient city during your Sri Lanka trip. Established in the 4th century BC, the first kingdom of Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura bears evidence to the great civilization that existed on the island more than […]

Top 9 things to do in Colombo

Things to do in Colombo

As the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo is the busiest Sri Lanka can get. Many choose it for their first night stay in Sri Lanka due to its proximity to the Colombo airport. However, we often recommend Negombo (which is just 30 minutes away from the airport) over Colombo […]