Best time to visit the Maldives

Best time to visit Maldives

Best time to visit the Maldives is from mid December to mid April. During this time of the year, Maldives weather is at its best. You will have plenty of sunshine to enjoy and the sea is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Typically, there is hardly any rain during this period. Unfortunately, this is also the most expensive time period to travel Maldives. If you are pressed for money, consider taking advantage of the off season's low prices (May to October).

Maldives faces two monsoon seasons. November to April is the northeast monsoon season, which is the dry season of the Maldives. May to October is the southwest monsoon season, which is the wet season of the Maldives. Below are typically how Maldives weather behave in each month of the year.


Maldives in January

January is one of the very best months to travel Maldives. It is nice and sunny with low humidity. There can be an occasional brief rain, however, heavy rains are very unlikely. The ocean is very clear and calm in January, which makes it an ideal month for swimming, snorkeling and diving.


Maldives in February

Maldives weather in February is fabulous; one of the sunniest months of the year. Similar to January, the ocean is very calm and has an excellent visibility. If you enjoy swimming, snorkeling or diving, you are up for a treat.


Maldives in March

Accommodatins in March are generally less expensive than December, January and February, however, the weather is great. There might be an occasional short burst of rain, which is welcomed in the hot sunny weather. Sea has excellent visibility, and is wonderful for snorkeling and diving.


Maldives in April

April is the last month of the dry season. It starts to rain a bit towards the second half of April. However, the sea water  still has a good visibility. You will be able to enjoy snorkeling and diving without any problem.

Maldives in May

It is the start of the wet season in the Maldives. You are very likely to have few rainy days during your stay. Visibility in the sea water is slightly reduced due to the plankton in the water, however, diving is very enjoyable, as you will spot manta rays and whale sharks gathering to feed on plankton. May also marks beginning of the surfing season in the Maldives.

Maldivians celebrate Ramadan in May. If you are staying in a resort island, you will not notice any difference. However, if you are staying in a local island, you will notice some changes. For an example, most restaurants in the local islands are closed in the noon during the holy month.


Maldives in June

There is a high probability of having rainy days during your holiday in June in the Maldives. However, ideal sea conditions for surfing and the low prices make it worth taking a chance.  Diving visibility is reduced due to plankton. Having said that, diving is still very enjoyable as whale sharks and manta rays can be seen gathering to feed on plankton.


Maldives in July

In July Maldives receive short but heavy downpours. Sea is ideal for surfing. Visibility in the sea is still limited, but you will be able to see lots of whale sharks and manta rays. If you do not mind some rain and want to travel in the Maldives a bit less expensively, this is an ideal month for your Maldives stay.


Maldives in August

Maldives get a bit busy in the August as it is the summer holiday season. However, the prices are still very low. Since it is the wet season, you might experience some rain. The sea waves are ideal for surfing. Sea visibility is not very good, however, it is very easy to spot manta rays and whale sharks during diving sessions.

Whale shark

Maldives in September

September is one of the least expensive months to travel. However, it is a very rainy month for the Maldives. Sea conditions are great for surfing. Visibility in the  sea water is limited, but you will be able to see manta rays and whale sharks during diving sessions.


Maldives in October

October is the rainiest month in the Maldives. Some days it rains all day. It is considered as the end of the surf season. Also, it is the last month of the year that you can easily spot manta rays and whale sharks.


Maldives in November

November is considered as the first month of the dry season. However, you will still experience some rain. If you are travelling in November, keep an open mind about the weather.


Maldives in December

In the first half of December there can be some rain. If you wish to have nice blue skies during your whole stay, it is best to travel in the second half of December. Sea has good visibility, which makes it a great month for snorkeling and diving.

Since New Year holiday season is the height of the peak season, some resorts might require you to spend a minimum of 5 to 7 nights in order for them  to accept your booking during second half of December and first half of January.


Weather is hard to predict. However, we at Travellers Isle hope that this article will help you to get some idea of the Maldives weather. Feel free to leave a comment, if you have any questions. If you like to save some money on your Maldives tour, inquire now. We have exclusive rates for some of the very best Maldives resorts.

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